Why is Classic Rock so Popular?

ClassicRockWhat is it about classic rock that makes it a hit? There are loads of new rock bands out there these days and while the genre is alive and well, classic rock seems to be more popular than ever before. However, there are many good reasons as to why classic rock is as popular as it is.

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Classic Rock Audiences are Getting In Tune with Progressive Rock

DTTo some, progressive rock is one of the most creative forms of music in the world. To others, it is an extremely bloated style. However, one thing is for certain that classic rock audiences who hear classic rock bands and listen to the style on the radio are getting in tune with bands from this amazing world of music.

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Is Psychedelic Rock a Form of Classic Rock That Could Return?

PsychedelicIt’s clear that psychedelic rock is not something that is on the minds of people these days. Today’s modern-day classic rock performance bands are more accepting to psychedelic rock than others. Still, this does not mean that it is a genre that has been down for the count for a while.

The fact is that people still have a strong interest in psychedelic rock and have been very fascinated by how this style of music has developed. It is a truly fascinating form of music worth exploring.

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Are All These Classic Rock Videos On YouTube Legal?

DarkSideOfTheMoonIf you go on YouTube and search for the name of your favorite rock band then the odds are you will find lots of songs by that artist that are streaming on that website. It’s an amazing feature that is truly unique but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is always legal.

The problem is that many people who post these videos on YouTube are breaking the rules. While it’s easy for people to get YouTube views by doing this, those who get YouTube views by posting music files on the site might be doing it wrong.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t find legal videos on YouTube. There are more than enough to find these days.

Why Are Some Videos Illegal?

Some of the videos that random people post on YouTube when you look for classic rock songs are ones that are not there for legal purposes. The problem with some videos is that they might be listed online from direct vinyl or CD rips and posted without any problems.

What makes this bad is that the artists that performed the music and others associated with the production of such music won’t get the royalties that they deserve. Artists deserve money for their work and people who watch illegal videos aren’t doing a thing for them.

But Some Are Legal

There are some legal classic rock videos on YouTube. These are videos that have been posted by the record labels that these artists are attached to. They include streaming music videos as well as some visual music videos like the ones that people might have seen on MTV in the past. Videos of live performances are often included in the mix as well.

Some of these videos will have advertisements on them though. This is to all those videos to provide the labels and artists with money. The big turnaround in this case is that it will still be free to get access to these videos.

But What About the Paid Service?

Even more videos will become legal when YouTube releases its streaming music service. YouTube has announced its plans to have a paid streaming music service where subscribers can get access to loads of songs for a certain amount of money each month. This will provide fans with access to perfect-quality music on any device that can reach YouTube. In addition, there are no advertisements involved with these videos.

There is a need to be aware of who’s going online though. Labels that will not go along with the terms that YouTube has set up will not get their music online. Some big name groups like Sony, Universal and Warner have signed up though. Information on how much this service will cost and when it will be released have not been listed at this time but this will certainly be a worthy competitor to Apple and Spotify.

If you want to listen to classic rock on YouTube then you should be aware of what you’ll find. Not all videos devoted to classic rock acts are legal. The legal options that are available will increase in quantity over time though.